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Dr Coupe is one of a small number of UK pain clinicians fully trained and able to independently prescribe cannabis-based medical products for chronic pain. 

Since a change in UK legislation in 2018, it has been legal for specialist doctors in the UK to prescribe cannabis-based medications for a number of pain conditions, including chronic pain. Whilst these drugs are not suitable for everybody, for a some patients they can be very effective. 

Because there is significant legislative burdens placed on the prescriber, most prescriptions for this type of medication in the UK are dispensed via online 'cannabis-clinics'. Having your cannabis-based medication prescribed by an independent practitioner however allows for a much more detailed discussion of your pain problems and possible management strategies, rather than focussing on drugs alone. Cannabis-based medications, if appropriate, would be prescribed after a thorough assessment and detailed discussion of their merits, and after a (legally-required) multi-clinician meeting where your particular needs would be discussed by leading experts in this field. 

If you do have a chronic pain condition and have tried a number of more conventional treatments to little effect; or if you are stable on conventional drugs but are suffering significant side effects and would like to try an alternative, please contact our office to enquire about our cannabis-based medication service. 

Cannabis-based medications 

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