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Our consultant pain specialists have extensive clinical experience in the field of pain management and pain medicine. They bring this experience to the legal arena to provide the legal profession and their clients with high quality expert reports and court representation.

Both Dr Souter and Dr Coupe spend much of their current clinical time assessing, treating and managing persistent pain problems for patients both in the NHS and the private sector. This ensures they are fully up to date with their clinical field allowing them to provide the highest quality evidence for the court.

They have undertaken recognised training in civil law medical expert witness work. They are aware of and are compliant with the requirements of CPR 35 and PD 35 and the guidance for the instruction of experts in civil claims 2014. They remain up to date with relevant medicolegal practice in the field by annual attendance at medicolegal continuing education.

They are happy to be instructed in the fields of personal injury and clinical negligence where there are issues of persistent pain leading to personal loss and disability. They will provide opinion on matters of diagnosis, causation and prognosis. They will elucidate treatment options. They pride themselves on the quality and accuracy of their reports and their willingness to engage with instructing solicitors.

Medicolegal services:

  • Preparation of medical expert witness reports for the court

  • “Tabletop” reports prior to litigation without examining the client

  • Medical interview and examination

  • Attendance at case conference either remotely or in chambers

  • Court attendance

Dr Souter:

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Curriculum vitae



Dr Coupe:

Terms and conditions

Curriculum vitae

For further information, please contact Mrs Delia Foster via our contact page here



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